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Trading the news is one of the most valuable trading strategies that you can teach yourself. The psychological impact of a news event has the ability to sway prices in a major way, and being able to correctly predict where prices are headed is a great way to better your chances of making a profit. Singapore binary options traders especially can use this method of trading to help themselves trade different underlying assets from all over the world.

We’ve put together a brief guide to help you get started trading the news. Whether you’re in Singapore, the United States, or anywhere else, this strategy has a lot of potential to help you become a better trader.

Economic Calendar Influence

The economic calendar is an important tool in the binary options market. It helps an investor to identify trading opportunities, provide information about the right times to trade or how to adjust trades. The news events that are provided by the economic calendar follow a specific schedule to enable all investors to benefit. The calendar is regularly updated to capture recent economic events which have an impact on the market. The release of key figures might cause the market to become volatile which affects

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Start Trading the Copier

Stay Informed

One of the first things that you should do when teaching yourself how to trade the news is to create a personalized economic events calendar. Much news is pre-scheduled, and staying ahead of the game will help you to ensure that you are paying attention on the day that the news report is scheduled for release. This can be high tech if you wish, and you can put together an online calendar that will send you alerts when events are about to happen, or it can be something low tech like a whiteboard calendar hung up above your computer. As long as you find something that works for you, it doesn’t matter what it is. Include things like central bank announcements, earnings reports, employment reports, or anything else that you can find that is scheduled ahead of time that will impact the price of the underlying assets that you focus on.

Next, you will need to create an alert system. We like to use a streaming news service so that updates pop up right on our computer screen when they are happening. Let’s say that Apple makes a surprise announcement that will influence its stock price. We want to know about it as soon as possible. Having alerts sent to us electronically helps us to stay on top of these things. You can have this done by email or text message, as well. You will want to customize the information that you receive, though. Be sure that you are filtering out the needless information so that you are not overwhelmed by data and instead can focus on the important stuff.

How it Works

In reality, trading the news is a really easy concept to grasp. Things happen in the world, whether there’s a bombing, an announcement concerning a policy change, or the U.S. Federal Reserve decides to do something drastic and unexpected concerning interest rates, there is always something happening in the world. Some of these things, like those listed above, have the potential to change the price of one or more assets. When this occurs, traders that are paying attention can quickly take positions that will allow them to profit as prices trade. Binary options are one of the best tools to use for this because of the fact that even small changes can prove to be beneficial.

Another strategy involves anticipating announcements. As mentioned above, sometimes news is scheduled. If you can take out positions that correctly predict what the announcement will be and how it will impact prices, it is possible to act before the news happens and then profit even more as it unfolds. This is a more advanced strategy, but it can often be very beneficial to you, especially as you gain a better understanding of how trading the news works.

Singapore News

Like with other aspects of trading, we recommend starting out with what you know. And you know the news coming out of Singapore than you do anything else. While Singapore-based assets are not plentiful in the world of binary options, they do exist. Look at major corporations based here, or look for commodities that are prevalent in the Singaporean economy. If you prefer to trade currency pairs, look at those paired up against the Singapore dollar. There are a lot of different ways that you can go with this, and we recommend starting in your own backyard simply because this is where it will be the easiest for you to be the most effective.

We’ll end this section with a word of advice. It can be easy to stick to news just within Singapore, but the best traders are able to focus on all of the factors that will influence their area of expertise. You will quickly learn that you don’t need all of the information out there—you’ll just overload yourself if you do. Instead, pick an asset or two to specialize in and get the news that pertains to those assets. This will simplify your life and ensure that the trades that you make have a much better chance of being successful over the long term.

Automated Trading

Typically, trading robots are hands off, but even if you are more focused on automatic trading than on taking out traditional trades, you need to understand how the news will impact your trades. Having a highly customizable trading robot will help you a lot when news events occur. By focusing your efforts on specific underlying assets, or by staying away from certain things, you can give yourself a better chance of making a profit by avoiding volatility, all without increasing the amount of risk that you take on.

If you are able to take the news into consideration when using a binary options trading robot, you will find that you can improve your profits by staying away from assets that will be more volatile and unpredictable because of the event that has occurred. You can then focus your robot on the assets and instances that will provide you with the most reliable outcomes for your trading. Combining your knowledge of the news, how it impacts the prices of your underlying assets, and your knowledge of trading robots can extend your reach and your trading capability far beyond what you would be able to do without a robot on your side.


Traders in Singapore have so many choices right now when it comes to binary options trading, but all of those choices can lead to losses if you don’t have a sound trading strategy. Fortunately for us, trading the news is an easy to understand, yet very powerful strategy. Once you couple this with some sort of effective risk management strategy, you are putting yourself in a strong position to start being a much more profitable trader than ever before. With all the choices we face on a daily basis, this is one way that we can make our binary options trading easier to manage and more profitable.

Whether you’re just starting out looking for a solid broker that you can use in Singapore to trade with, or you are looking for a better way to trade, trading the news can be a valuable addition to your routine.

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General Risk Warning: The financial services provided by these websites carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.