If you are looking to trade the markets, you have to figure out what you want to trade. Assuming you are looking to intraday-day trade, you better be ready for the fast action of the financial markets around the world.

Although you will have to keep different trading hours when trading the US markets from Singapore, this will be your best chance of getting involved. You always have the option of trading currencies, but it is the US price action that gives you the best moves.

In fact, if you work a full day, come home, have dinner, and relax, around 9:30 PM, you will be ready to trade the opening of the US stock market. Don’t let the time difference hold you back. You only have to trade the first couple of hours to gain access to plenty of liquidity. This is a great way to not only get involved but potentially make money trading on the side.

Let us go over the 10 hottest stocks in the market currently. A lot of stocks come and go based on sector and news, but these 10 should be available for your trading.

Remember, when trading binary options, you want the price action to have moves that you can really dictate with the overall market. Therefore, these stocks are the ones to watch.

Apple – Why should apple be on your list? The biggest company in the world should always be on your list of stocks to trade. You can expect leading moves from this company. The best time to trade Apple is when they receive good news, and the markets are in an uptrend. You will be surprised how many more call options will win when you see a good entry point.

Tesla – The hottest stock in 2020 for sure, this EV special is one with a lot of momentum. Only trade TSLA when the trend is recognizable. Once you see it, press the buy button. The timeframe will need to be taken into consideration with TSLA.

FB – Facebook is a significant name in the social media space. They have a lot of news line items affecting their price each day. If you can catch FB on a day where the QQQ is rising steadily, pick your spot and place some call options on Facebook. Should you see negative news based on privacy or Government, be sure to jump on some put options.

BA – Boeing makes some significant moves throughout the day. You must be ready for a lot of fake-outs on the price action, however. You may enter a call option only to see the price go the opposite way. Make sure you have a catalyst that will show why BA should go higher or lower. Lately, BA has been on an uptrend, and options traders need to take advantage of it. Continue to trade BA calls, until the reopening plays to slow down.

Amazon – Another huge company in the world. This retail giant could be the hardest trader in the market. Why? Pricing into a trade on AMZN is quite difficult. Unless something big happens the range isn’t as big as you would think. It doesn’t move like a TSLA. Always go with the trend on Amazon. You can avoid a lot of false moves. Use a site like IQOption to enter and exit out of Amazon trades.

AMD – In 2020, AMD was one of the lovely gems for traders. Since then, it’s had a hard time finding itself. Why did AMD make the list? This is because when it is the right day, you can put on trades all day long and take in wins. Avoid AMD on choppy days, as your account will have a tendency to get chopped up as well.

TLRY – If you want to trade the cannabis sector, TLRY is the one for you. This stock makes some serious price swings, and it does set up some nice binary options trades. Be sure, to have the right momentum on your side. TLRY can turn on you in a heartbeat with a little bit of news.

XOM – Exxon has been getting crushed, but as of the past couple of months XOM is showing its old self again. With the world’s economies coming back and more oil is consumed, it’s XOM that will stand out. Yes, we all know that the electric space is the place to be, but we will have a huge need for oil in the years to come. Keep XOM on your charts in the first 30 minutes of the open, as this is when it makes its biggest moves.

PYPL – PayPal has a huge name and it’s only gotten bigger as of late. It will remain strong going forward so be ready for some nice moves. If Treasuries continue to rise, this stock will fall some. This will give you some great chances for put options. Having good news will always help on the long side but be ready for the unexpected.

BABA – Alibaba, the Amazon of China is under a lot of pressure. This makes a put option on it very delightful. You can open up multiple trades on it when news on Jack Ma or China/US relations isn’t good. You’d be surprised how many times as of late this has occurred. Until China/US situation eases, bet on the put options.

This covers ten stocks you should be watching daily. You shouldn’t be trading them all each day. You have to figure out which is best for that day or week. If you can get access to a real-time news service, you will be in great hands.

If you are trading binary options in Singapore be aware of all the different markets available to you. Practice with these 10 stocks and see if you can find an edge. If you aren’t comfortable trading these, then look for other instruments to trade. However, always have a reason to put on a trade. If you can trade with the trend,  receive news, or any other catalyst supporting your theory, you will be surprised how many more trades work.

Trading late at night doesn’t have to be difficult if you can commit two hours a night. This will be a great way to make supplemental income. Be sure to leave a comment below and tell us what stocks you like to trade.